Styles of Songs

The songs in capoeira accompany the instruments and add to the energy in the roda. They are sung in sync with the rhythm of the berimbau and also by the person leading the roda. In most cases and in traditional capoeira this is almost always the person playing the berimbau gunga. The songs are basically a collaboration between the singer, all the other instrumentalists and everyone else in the roda. In the capoeira roda, everyone sings! Wether it’s the person leading the roda or the others responding. This brings us to the various formats of capoeira songs:

  • Ladainha:
  • This format is very common in Capoeira Angola and often serves as an opening song before the start of the game. The structure is that of one long verse ending in a string of calls and chorus responses. Learn more about Ladainhas…

  • Corrido:
  • This is a call and response song format that may include one or two introductory verses. Each line or couple of lines is often followed by a chorus response.
    Learn more about Corridos…

  • Quadra:
  • A song of this style tends to have four or more verses that are sung solo. Each verse is followed by a chorus response. Learn more about Quadras…

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