In music the word portuguese quadra is synonimous with the quartet which describes a song with four verses. Each verse is followed by a chorus similar to contemporary music. This form of songs are more prominent in Capoeira Regional and some mestres like to begin the roda with a quadra. Though unlike the ladainha, the game can start during the song. Also a quadra can be sung anytime during the roda. The theme of a quadra has a very wide range; slavery, tribute to capoeira, old mestres and legends, religion…etc. Though a standard quadra has four verses, a quadra can have anything from 1 to 8 verses. Also, some quadras can have a similar form to a ladainha with one long verse followed by a coro at the end.


There are two main parts to a quadra

  • Verses: This is the part of sung by the soloist and is usually at least 2 lines but often 4 or more lines long.
  • Chorus / Coro: This is the chorus that follows each verse and is sometimes first sung by the soloist then repeated by the people in the roda. This section could also be a coro simialar to that of the corrido with a call and response pattern.

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