In capoeira, the Berimbau commands the game, setting the tone for the kind of game to be played. Over the years several distict berimbau rhythms called toques have emerged as part of capoeira. Learning to play the various berimbau toques is important for the following reasons:

  • It helps in improvisation, using all the different sounds of the berimbau.
  • It helps you get more in tune with the rhythm of each game type.
  • Enables you to fully participate in the bateria as either Gunga, Medio or Viola.
Women of Capoeira Brasil Australia playing berimbau & pandeiro

Women of Capoeira Brasil Australia
playing berimbau & pandeiro


These are traditional capoeira rhythms used in Capoeira Angola. The rhythms are generally played slower than Regional rhythms with a lot of variations.

Mestre Pastinha
Mestre Pastinha

Toque d'Angola

São Bento Grande de Angola

São Bento Pequeno

Toques de Mestre Bimba

These are rhythms associated with Capoeira Regional. Most were developed by Mestre Bimba and released on his album Curso de Capoeira.

Mestre Bimba
Mestre Bimba


São Bento Grande de Regional






These are traditional capoeira rhythms.

A picture from the early 1900s of Capoeira on the streets of Salvador, Bahia.
A picture from the early 1900s of Capoeira on the streets of Salvador, Bahia.

Samba de Roda


Santa Maria

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    First off all, great page.Secondly with all due respect I would like to advise you that the “girl” on the left on the picture on the toque page is Mestra Meirelou of Group Capoeira Brasil (CBBB)
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